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Learn the Simply Seasonal way to eat all year long so you can balance, heal, and thrive!

– Cara + Megan

This is how we do it with the help of Mother Nature

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Winter is here!

As daylight diminishes and we head into the darkest days of the year, we look to the night sky and remind ourselves that the darkest sky shows the brightest stars. This time of year we depend on our inner light, as well as friends and family, to shine and brighten our spirits.

Borrow light energy from dark leafy greens and citrus fruits. Look to high quality animal protein and broth to build strength and energy. Healthy fats, like fish and nuts, will soothe the nervous system and restore the body.

Vegetables are best cooked this time of year. Look to soups, stews, roasts (and a hot bath!) to warm and nourish the body and soul.

Season 1: Winter

Each week, we cover new topics + foods that correlate with the season so you can learn how they help you naturally balance, heal, + thrive.

Jump in at any point because what we’re talking about right now is right where you need to be!

Every Tuesday, a new cooking episode is released!

We keep them short, between 5-6mins, as they’re a fun way to learn this new information with recipes and tips to simply make seasonal eating part of your day!

If you’re looking to dive deeper, our Podcast is the place to be!

The podcast allows us to dive deeper into the conversation from the episode. On this platform we answer your questions and talk more about the health and healing capabilities of seasonal foods from a holistic perspective.

Listen LIVE on air at 12 CST every Tuesday or anytime as a podcast.

The earth gives us exactly what we need during each time of year. When we eat in a Simply Seasonal way, our bodies balance and heal so we can thrive!

Cara + Megan
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