Welcome to Simply Seasonal!

Our mission is to educate and simplify health by using traditional medicine + seasonal foods to balance, heal, and thrive!

-Megan + Cara

Spring is a great time for a Cleanse!

Panchakarma Cleanse!

This kitchari cleanse is designed to reset the body by eating a mono-diet of kitchari for 3 days while indulging in self care routines.

-Guidebook packed with everything you need to know
-1 hour pre-recorded video with Cara + Megan
-Recipes and shopping list

The earth gives us exactly what we need each season so our bodies can balance and heal!

As Holistic Health coaches, we’ll walk you through each season with our cooking show + recipes!

Watch our Cooking Show!

Pick a season and watch the episodes!

Learn how specific foods can help you heal during each season.

Simply Seasonal Cookbook

Our cookbook has 52+ recipes to guide you through each season.

Plus, each recipe has it’s own cooking show- it’s like having us in the kitchen with you!

P.S. it’s the perfect gift for yourself, family or friend!

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When our interior environment, reflects the exterior environment, we find balanced health!

-Megan + Cara

DIY Panchakarma Cleanse

Feeling like a cleanse? Try this beautiful Panchakarma Cleanse at home.

It’s perfect for any season!

Start your cleanse here

Cooking for Covid Cookbook + Videos

Click here to watch Megan make food + herbal remedies in her kitchen during her Covid experience.

Find all of the recipes in our Covid ebook.

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Mimicking the cycles of nature allows you to ride the waves of change.

-Megan + Cara

Find all of our seasonal episodes + recipes below!

Winter (Build, Restore, Nourish)

Spring (Cleanse, Detox, Clear)

Summer (Cool, Hydrate, Shine)

  • How to eat during Summer Cooking Show Grilled Veggie Pizza
  • Alkaline + Anti-Inflammatory Ways of Eating Cooking Show Alkaline Gazpacho
  • Simply Seasonal Summertime Picnic Cooking Show Tuna-less and Chicken-less Salad
  • Skin Protection from the Inside Out Cooking Show Don’t Blister in the Sun Pasta with Salmon
  • Hydration Cooking Show Chia Seed Pudding
  • Fish, Sustainability + Your Health Cooking Show Fish en Papillote w Mango Salsa
  • Healthy Travel Tips Cooking Show Travel Pasta
  • Sweets, Frozen Treats + Diabetes Cooking Show Banana N’ice Cream and Raspberry Freezecake
  • Raw, Vegan + Vegetarian Cooking Show Raw Pad Thai
  • Local + Organic- Is it worth it? Cooking Show Summer Panzanella
  • Night Shades, Alkaloids + Arthritis Cooking Show Ratatouille over Polenta
  • Healthy Work/Life Balance Cooking Show Chickpea Curry
  • Corn + GMO’s Cooking Show Corn + Zucchini Fritters

Fall (Release, Reflect, Slow Down)

Well that sounds simple enough… because… it’s Simply Seasonal!

-Megan + Cara

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