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Learn the Simply Seasonal way to eat all year long so you can balance, heal, and thrive!

– Cara + Megan

Cooking Show & Podcast

Fall is here!

Fall air beckons us to come back home to ourselves. It’s time to move back inward, shed what no longer serves us and plant new seeds. The colors, smells and light are tantalizing to the senses and encourage reflection.

Fall is a great time for routine and new beginnings as we recognize that our body needs more attention and nourishment to recover from an indulgent summer and prepare for the winter ahead.

So come back to yourself. Schedule naps, oil massages and food preparations to nourish and comfort your soul.

Each week, we cover new topics + foods that correlate with the season so you can learn how they help you naturally balance, heal, + thrive.

Jump in at any point because what we’re talking about right now is right where you need to be!

Every Monday, a new cooking episode is released!

We keep them short, between 5-6mins, as they’re a fun way to learn this new information with recipes and tips to simply make seasonal eating part of your day!

If you’re looking to dive deeper, our Podcast is the place to be!

The podcast allows us to dive deeper into the conversation from Monday’s episode. On this platform we answer your questions and talk more about the health and healing capabilities of seasonal foods from a holistic perspective.

Listen LIVE on air at 12 CST every Thursday or anytime as a podcast.

The earth gives us exactly what we need during each time of year. When we eat in a Simply Seasonal way, our bodies balance and heal so we can thrive!

Cara + Megan
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