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– Cara + Megan

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Each week, we cover new topics + foods that correlate with the season so you can learn how they help you naturally balance, heal, + thrive.

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Every Monday, a new cooking episode is released!

We keep them short, between 5-6mins, as they’re a fun way to learn this new information with recipes and tips to simply make seasonal eating part of your day!

If you’re looking to dive deeper, our Podcast is the place to be!

The podcast allows us to dive deeper into the conversation from Monday’s episode. On this platform we answer your questions and talk more about the health and healing capabilities of seasonal foods from a holistic perspective.

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The earth gives us exactly what we need during each time of year. When we eat in a Simply Seasonal way, our bodies balance and heal so we can thrive!

Cara + Megan

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It’s Summer Time!

Summer’s the time of bounty and variety. Everything that sprouted in the spring is now coming into it’s full bloom! It’s time to shine and be at your peak!

The energy of summer is hot and expansive, luckily, Mother Nature gives us exactly what we need:

Cooling fruits and veggies that are juicy, hydrating, and expansive which means they will help us cool down. This is especially important if you are a Pitta body type (hot) or if you have health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, chronic pain, cancer, etc.

Follow us this season and learn all the ways to can balance, heal, and thrive this summer!

Summer’s Bounty!

Season 1: Winter

Season 2: Spring

Season 3: Summer