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A Panchakarma Cleanse is perfect for the Winter time!

This ancient Ayurvedic cleanse results in weight loss, resets digestion, removes bloating, rekindles digestive fire, clears the mind and breaks sugar cravings.

Nourish, restore and detox your body with 3-5 days of a simple meal of Kitchari (rice, lentils and warming digestive spices) plus a luxurious self care routine.

This is a DIY cleanse using our 44 page guidebook including shopping list, recipes, daily schedule, self care routines and everything you need to know about detoxing!

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Learn the Simply Seasonal way to eat all year long so you can balance, heal, and thrive!

– Cara + Megan

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Cook with us all year long as we go through the seasons week by week.

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The earth gives us exactly what we need during each time of year. When we eat in a Simply Seasonal way, our bodies balance and heal so we can thrive!

Cara + Megan

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