Cara + Megan here & welcome to Simply Seasonal

In these episodes you’ll learn the Simply Seasonal way to eat all year long so you can balance, heal, and thrive!

As Holistic Health Coaches, Cara and Megan realized that something was missing… and that is, a basic truth of healing naturally without putting your health in the hands someone else!

For both of them, eating seasonally is at the core of that truth- Simply Seasonal eating!

But no one’s talking about it!

So they decided to do it themselves, and thus, the Simply Seasonal Cooking Show was born!

Over the last month, they’ve been recording episodes and creating a platform where they can share their knowledge of health and healing through fun and short videos!

In these weekly episodes, you’ll learn the Simply Seasonal way to eat all year long!

The earth gives us exactly what we need during each time of year. When we eat in a Simply Seasonal way, our bodies balance and heal so we can thrive!

Cara + Megan
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Over the next 13 weeks, Megan and Cara will walk you through a Winter Series cooking show!

In each episode, you will learn fun and simple ways to use seasonal foods to balance, heal, and thrive!

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Winter officially begins on December 21st, the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, and continues until March 20 for the spring equinox. This energetic shift to winter results in a change of season and our food!

In modern society, leafy green salads, green juices and smoothies are touted as the best things you can eat for your health. However, during the winter that style of eating is extremely cooling which, overtime, will leave you depleted, exhausted, and out of balance for the entire year to come! 

However, when you eat the foods nature has provided during the winter and cook them in specific ways, your body will become deeply nourished so your health and vitality will return! 

Winter’s such an important time of year to deeply nourish the body and restore energy. This will set the tone for the rest of the year!

In the upcoming episodes, you’ll learn the Simply Seasonal way to eat during the winter so you can balance, heal, and thrive!

Winter is Citrus Season!

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