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How we met…

It’s amazing how we walk by hundreds of people every day with hardly a hello.

Then one day, with a smile and a glance, a friendship is born.

This is what happened with Megan and Cara. And they are positive that fate brought them together!

As a Natural Foods Chef and Holistic Health Coach, Megan Magill had been working in Houston, developing a personal health coaching business, hosting a women’s retreat, and starting her own herbal tea company, Modern Sage.

As much as her work was bringing her fulfillment and joy, she wanted someone to work with (or at least to brainstorm with over a cup of tea or glass of wine) because working solo was becoming exhausting and lonely.

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Cara Miller spent years working with personal clients, leading cooking classes and developing an online program for her business, Taking Cara You. She too felt the lack of motivation and collaboration of working alone.

Cara then took a step back from her business as her life changed and she moved her home closer to the city.

The year of moving consumed her especially while caring for her 16 year old Yellow Labrador Retriever, Napoleon. Sadly, Napoleon’s last day came in September 2018 and it was time for Cara to move on.

Cara’s husband, Rick, asked her for months, “What’s next?”

Cara’s response was, “I don’t know, but I’m manifesting something or SOMEONE to work with in the near future. Because the one thing I’ve learned is that I do NOT want to do this on my own!”

A few weeks after Napoleon passed, Cara was outside her home with her other 16yo dog, Patches, (in her pajamas), trimming jasmine, still feeling a bit down and wondering what was next.

Just then, Megan and her Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy Bodie came walking up! Bodie’s sweet face popped up right in front of her and Patches with a smile, a wag and that Yellow Lab love oozing at them!

If Napoleon had a double, Bodie would be the closest thing to it!

In that moment, Cara was pretty sure Napoleon sent Bodie and ultimately, Megan to her!

Within 2 minutes, Megan and Cara knew something was cooking between them!

Megan told Cara of her upcoming women’s retreat and they quickly discovered their similar training, interests, passions, goals and beliefs.

Megan felt Cara would be the perfect fit for the retreat and asked if she would like to stand in as her right hand and sous chef. Cara quickly agreed!

One month later, they began brainstorming about a cooking show and the rest is being written through Simply Seasonal!

In Memory of Napoleon

For connecting us with love + friendship from above