Episode 10: Improve Your Relationship with Carbs

It’s a dream come true! 

We’re giving you permission to eat bread!

But, we also encourage you to think outside the loaf! 

There are so many amazing grains available (with or without gluten) and we don’t want you to limit yourself! 

These grains have been around for thousands of years and serve as an amazing base layer to our meals for fiber, minerals, protein and energy.

In this week’s episode of Simply Seasonal we teach you the proper way to choose and prepare grains to help with digestion and why modern day gluten containing grains are wreaking havoc.

Please don’t be fooled by “gluten-free” meaning healthy. In fact, we encourage you to eat gluten, the good kind, as long as your body allows.

If you are currently intolerant, give your body time to heal and eventually introduce high quality ancient grains back into your diet.

Join Cara + Megan in Episode 10 of Simply Seasonal

  • Learn why so many people are gluten intolerant or celiac 
  • Why grains are important in our diet
  • How to choose a healthier bread and other grains
  • How to properly prepare grains and incorporate them in your diet

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Watch our LIVE Q&A Tuesday at 12pm CST

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Megan + Cara

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