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Season 1: Winter (Build, Restore, Nourish)

Season 2: Spring (Cleanse, Detox, Clear)

Season 3: Summer (Cool, Hydrate, Shine)

  • How to eat during Summer Cooking Show Grilled Veggie Pizza
  • Alkaline + Anti-Inflammatory Ways of Eating Cooking Show Alkaline Gazpacho
  • Simply Seasonal Summertime Picnic Cooking Show Tuna-less and Chicken-less Salad
  • Skin Protection from the Inside Out Cooking Show Don’t Blister in the Sun Pasta with Salmon
  • Hydration Cooking Show Chia Seed Pudding
  • Fish, Sustainability + Your Health Cooking Show Fish en Papillote w Mango Salsa
  • Healthy Travel Tips Cooking Show Travel Pasta
  • Sweets, Frozen Treats + Diabetes Cooking Show Banana N’ice Cream and Raspberry Freezecake
  • Raw, Vegan + Vegetarian Cooking Show Raw Pad Thai
  • Local + Organic- Is it worth it? Cooking Show Summer Panzanella
  • Night Shades, Alkaloids + Arthritis Cooking Show Ratatouille over Polenta
  • Healthy Work/Life Balance Cooking Show Chickpea Curry
  • Corn + GMO’s Cooking Show Corn + Zucchini Fritters

Season 4: Fall (Release, Reflect, Slow Down)

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